Honey bees under attack

Honey bees under attack

Next meal time, think about every third bite you take.

Every third mouthful is related in some way to bee pollination…at least at this moment. Our country is losing honey bees at alarming rates, which will affect food production. Without bees, we don’t eat. You can help reverse this devastating trend. Read on.

bee final with corners

What is killing our bees? These are the main culprits:  pests, pesticides, loss of habitat due to development, loss of bee friendly plants, and Colony Collapse Disorder. CCD is when the worker bees desert the hive, leaving the queen bee and baby bees alone with food.

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If you want to help bring back the bees, take a look at my journal post above to see what a friend of mine is doing. One small step for a human, but a big step for bees. Another step you can take today is to plant California native plants that attract pollinators. (Here is a list of pollinator plants by regions around the U.S.)

If you live in California, look at these native pollinator-friendly possibilities from my journal:

California poppy, lilac, whiteleaf manzanita, coyote mint

native plants 1 round corners

ocean spray bush, ocean spray, button bush bud, button bush

with corners ocean spray

sunflower, vinegar weed, mule fat, lupine

brighter mulefat lupine

Are you serious about helping our sweet honey bees? Take the pledge to help out the bees.

Then go plant some flowers!